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PRESS RELEASE The NAFPS website (specifically Al Carroll and not the legitimate members), was recently taken offline due to their spreading of libel and slanderous comments all over the internet concerning myself and Heyoka magazine. They have now resurfaced and are repeating the same venomous libel. Al Carroll and his associates (NAFPS) have been taken offline numerous times before for committing the same malicious attacks towards other innocent people. New Age Fraud and Plastic Shamans and their ring leader, Al Carroll, are now trying to shut down Heyoka magazine unless I remove all content concerning Anika Banfield (Swedish filmmaker), Arvil Looking Horse (Lakota spiritual leader) and Al Carroll; as well as any mention of the World in Our Hands Organization, NAPFS and any of their other organizations. For the last two months, this hate group has been circulating throughout the internet (forums, media groups and list servers) libel and insidious comments as a tactic of defamation of character of myself and others that I have interviewed in Heyoka website. Their ultimate goal has been to shut down Heyoka magazine. Al Carroll and NAFPS have circulated and solicited their followers to file malevolent libelous and unsubstantiated complaints against Heyoka magazine’s web hosting company to have these interviews and articles removed. Heyoka magazine removed all reference of Al Carroll, NAFPS, Arvol Looking Horse and Anika Banfield, 3 days prior to his demands. Thereafter, we countered with a new website which was created as a direct response to Al Carroll’s unsupported demands and actions (NAFPS). The site contains interviews and articles conducted with individuals who were being attacked by Al Carroll and NAFPS. This site represents their side of the story; their thoughts and words of what it felt like to be attacked by this hate group. It shows the truthful and ugly side of Al Carroll and NAFPS group that they don’t want you to see. I removed Looking Back Woman's interview after much reflection in order to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing attacks. This interview initiated Al Carroll’s attacks in the first place. She was called a fraud, but this could not be substantiated. Even after removing her interview, Al Carroll and his group continue to twist their depraved web of destruction. I also removed any mention of Chief Arvol Looking Horse from the site as well as his sister Martinas letter and his response to the Alfred Bone Shirt article as legally required. HEYOKA MAGAZINE DOES NOT SUCCUMB TO HAVING THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH VIOLATED AND WILL NOT TOLERATE THESE ACTS OF SOCIAL TERRORISM BY NAFPS. THIS IS THE HEIGHTENED STATE OF HYPOCRISY THAT NAFPS WANTS TO SILENCE ANY FORM OF CRITICISM OF THEIR WEBSITE WHILE RELISHING IN THEIR LIBEL AND SQUELCHING OF ANY FORM OF DISSENT, ALTERNATE OPINIONS AND FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND TO ASK LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS. Editor, Heyoka Magazine John LeKay info [at]


Let's be truthful shall we? This group, NAFPS represents no one but themselves and their own sick agenda. The vast majority of the membership is not Native American, but people from Europe, or people who claim they are, but they are not.
Groups like this were once spread everywhere until Internet Laws and lawsuits started to be filed about the false allegations and libelous statements they would make about anyone who disagrees with them, or who stands up to them and refuses to take their abuse. To take a stand, is to encourage even more abuse from this group. Fortunately, internet laws have prevented their harassment via email and now web hosts are beginning to realize that they are not worth the time, effort or expense, so they shut them down, which they should do.
With all the allegations they have made recently, they have provided no proof at all. When they allege someone is a culture vulture or selling ceremonies, they present no documented evidence, such as filming such events, obtaining records which proves money has changed hands, (they could even use notices of such events which would contain this information if the person is a fake).
What they do time and time again, is allege, insinuate, twist things around and of course, back one another up to prove what? That they are fools, who are so insecure about who they are, that they have appointed themselves guardians of Indian nations' traditions and ceremonies when these nations are more than able to handle such matters and not in the manner in which these people operate.
Some of the people they have mentioned as being fakes are. But they have no right to harass people and print their personal information online on their websites, or to make so many allegations without providing proof of those allegations. They provide no proof - nothing! Where is their proof?
Yet, when they are called on what they are doing wrong, and their websites are removed for violations of the Terms of Services for use, they start crying about how their freedom of speech is being taken from them; they start whining that they are being attacked because they are Native American Indians, their freedoms are being denied to them and on and on. This is the same response that has been used by many other websites that have been removed for the same reasons.
They do not represent any American Indian nations. No Elder would ever approve of the tactics they employ towards others. This claim they make, is an outright lie and they know it.
Our Elders teach us to be respectful of all people, that if we cannot get along with others, just to go our own way and let them go theirs, because the Great Mystery will tend to judgement of all people. It is not their job to charge, judge and harass others. If they find an individual who is selling ceremony for an example, then they should go to that nation's tribal council and let the tribal council handle it.
It is impossible to stop every website on the internet that they do not agree with. They got away with that for a very long time, but now, thankfully, there are laws to protect the innocent from such unjustified attacks.
They claim he is attacking Chief Arvol Looking Horse. This is a lie - but I wonder, why aren't they harassing Chief Looking Horse's sister, who made some very unkind statements about her own brother in the local mainstream press? Or other statements that have been made against Chief Arvol Looking Horse, by many well-known activists who are definitely Lakota and live on the reservation? Why aren't they attacking Alfred Boneshirt for an example? He has made many statements about his own concerns about the Sacred Pipe, as have many other Lakota people. The charges being made by many natives against the Chief are even of a criminal nature in some respects - why aren't they supporting the Chief in this regard?
They do nothing of good for anyone. They talk about fakes and twinkies, yet they are dealing with Europeans in Sweden of all places and worrying about educating them. Why don't they spend that time in true worthwhile endeavors with native people and work on the reservations, work with the youth, etc?
People are desperately needed to cut firewood at Rosebud and Pineridge. Items such as saw blades and other things are desperately needed by native volunteers to help the people who live there before another cold winter sets in and the elders and families freeze to death in their homes, which has happened too many times.
Why don't they help support the efforts of one Lakota family to harvest hemp so they can start a company, offer employment to their own people and become more self-reliant? There are so many good things they could be doing, but they call this activism. They prefer to slander, hurt, and lie about other people because it makes them feel powerful and in control.
They make decent and good native people ashamed by their actions.
Al Carroll has an education, it's too bad he wastes it in such a way that he does. I'd also like to know how much money they are making off the native people with their books and now this upcoming movie? Those Swedish people rather than spend thousands of dollars for air fare to fly people such as Chief Looking Horse over to Sweden would have done so much better by donating that money for fuel assistance for the upcoming winter, for personal items, clothing, pot, pans - household goods that the people so desperately need. Instead, everyone seems to be more concerned with making a name for themselves and that helps no one but them."

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste".


Time Sensitive said...

HOW CAN I HELP, he has listed me and all of them (carroll, sky davis, kathryn, bear warrior) REFUSE to speak with me by phone, to take my name off their site, now a second time in five years...

Please write me at condor shaman at gmail dot com if you are still passionate about shutting him down AGAIN, I will gladly help contribute.

Time Sensitive said...


Unknown said...

nafpswatch said...

New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans is now hosted on Cyber Cast International. They bill themselves as an "anonymous offshore" hosting company based in Panama.

In January 2013 NAFPS were on Katz Global another anonymous hosting company.

In 2009 they were sharing an IP address with white supremacist sites. had the same IP address as, and many others.

They got kicked off Yahoo the first time in 2003. They kept recreating NAFPS groups but got kicked off for good in 2007.

2007 was the year Alton Carroll appeared in the movie Spirits for Sale claiming to be "Mescalero Apache". A claim the tribe itself denies. The movie was not popular but it got him enough negative attention that he was never able to get the new age frauds website back on a reputable host.

2007 is also the year he started looking for work overseas as an ESL teacher. His time at St Phillips College was over after the 2007-08 academic year. Not hard to see why.

He is still claiming to be a Fulbright Scholar but he is not listed in the Fulbright directory.

He is an assistant teacher of history 101 at the Loudon campus of Northern Virginia Community College now. This school does not offer degrees in history however.

There are more hosting companies the Faux Indian site has been on besides the ones I have listed, but you get the idea.

Jerome Howell said...

I believe al carroll should be hunted down and put iin prison along w his BS bunch. If Al has bothered you contact the Northern Virginia Community College Police Dept and file a complaint.

clive smith said...

A Mexican "plastic Indian" wants to stop spirituality that comes from different races and then is used to help the white world and the rest of the world evolve? Now that is a racist thing to do. Maybe true, a few of these "spiritual" practitioners are dodgy, but not all, not that huge list he has.
Now we see were Carroll is coming from. He's ANGRY!
Thanks for "outing" him.

C.C. said...

I enjoyed reading "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste". I compare NAFPS to the Westboro of the native world. I couldn't take them seriously after I experienced their negative ways. They bully and twist what you do say or lie about you while posting personal information without your consent and then they block or ban you so you can't even reply to their accusations. They don't even know some of the people they are calling "frauds" and have never spoken to anyone in their actual community. I think one woman in there getting her facts wrong was German and another was Irish. They form an opinion and then present it as fact. The judge, jury and executioner mentality is disturbing.

Shaman'a JahRoot said...

I found a comment tonight about myself. Ironically, after my Mother's Sister was irked that I'm successfully enjoying my life and helping others. I knew nothing of this site? And, I find it disparaging that my entire life's works are being minimized. My personal information is given out and I know that there is only ONE person who was angered in any way and would do this and submit this inquiry to this person.

What should I do? Besides leave it alone, as I see it's their simple endeavor to substantiate a hurtful attempt at me.

Give thanks.

C.C. said...

Post a complaint

or seek legal counsel if they cross a line and it has a serious and negative impact on you

What I would not do is go in and confront them. They will swarm you like wasps. They are not interested in anything you have to say anyway.

Bill Ackerman said...

I agree with CC. Do not bother posting on the new age frauds and plastic shaman (NAFPS) site itself. They are notorious for deleting and altering posts. Many people have attested to this.

In my opinion the best thing you can do is to state the truth in as many forums as possible. Legal action is a big time consuming step, but it is one that some have taken against Al Carroll and others from the NAFPS forum.

There is an ongoing case against Al Carroll and Brent Michael Davids in the Oklahoma courts. Case number CJ-2009-10887. You can look it up online and see the details.

One possible course of action could be to make complaints to his employer. However, Alton Carroll no longer seems to be listed among the faculty of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

Does anyone know if he is still employed there?

Unknown said...

If you have had any negative experience with this group,have experienced slander, defamation, harassment etc. contact They are working on a case against this group.

NAFPS Watch said...

Got a bounce from that email address.

C.C. said...

It bounced for me too. Was the address copied down correctly? Case sensitive? It is a good idea though. I once worked for one of the top law firms in Canada, Gowling & Henderson, as a legal assistant. There are International defamation (attacking the good name or reputation of, as by uttering or publishing maliciously or falsely anything injurious) libel, slander, harassment laws that I am aware of and I should touch base with legal experts on what NAFPS is doing. Preserving native culture, educating others and abiding by native law is important and is one thing; bullying/ harassment, slander and defamation of character etc. of a native or non-native person is another and from what I saw of their "research", if you could call it that, it was prejudicial and not very thorough. My former spouse is also a Detective/Sergeant with the OPP with a Metis background in the family and I'm going to ask some questions about this. I should approach some tribal elders I respect and get their take on what NAFPS is doing too. I'll see what I can find out.

Shaman'a JahRoot said...

I have proof of the untruths; no luck sending the email it did bounce.

I have given much to my community and have 35 years of study, over 50 of intuitive development and have walked through fire many times with life.


awa said...

Thank you for your site.

while surfing on the net for two weeks I also had the bad surprise to find my name and work fouled on the site NAFPS. After having contacted them to complain about it, their staff amused themselves about my request and created a new topic... What a fun to lynch honest people trying to make our world a bit better, isn't it?

Newage fraud is reproaching me to be paid for ceremonies which are inspired from the native american tradition. My work is NOT native american because I am not native american. And even if it was, on what do they found this reproach? Is there a law against it? In America? In Europe? I did not scoff a law.

But who is newagefraud? What LEGAL Instance do they represent? Newagefraud granted themselves with an authority that they just don't have and don't even deserve. Some other poeple had the same methods in the last century... Remember?

So, given the fact that Newagefraud HAS NO LEGAL AUTHORITY what it this monkey theater? They goes far beyond their "right", lynching poeple without being open for dialogue WITH NO FORM OF ANY PROCESS. They who argue that they" have been repeatedly denied free speech rights on the internet by the very frauds that they expose" should begin to question their methods ... Is it OK to defame someone under cover of free speech?

And by the way? What do they do in order to help making our world getting better? Nothing, nada, rien, nichts, niente! A group of extremists comparable to the islamist djihad but for God's sake a lot smaller. Trying to spit on people because it is the only way they found to exist. Isn't this sad? They feel angry about their own powerlessness in front of the american government who killed the native culture (but they are no natives, are they?...), their tiny lifes, their tiny thoughts, their tiny ways to be in the world, their tiny little poop.
With such an energy, used positivelly, they could achieve so many....

Note that I am not the only one having been defamed. Please check out the comments in NAFPS libel and NAFPS Identity Theft.

You will find at the bottom a little list of site reporting defamation or problems this hateful organisation.

For information.

Awa Belrose

BRoss said...

That list is by no means complete. NAFPS is a website, it is not an actual organization. Al Carroll AKA educatedindian, Kathryn Price AKA Kathryn Nicdhana, Ladonna Allard, Debbie Redbear AKA Debbie FourSwords, Barnaby McEwen are some of the names that have been associated with it.

Many people see them as a hate site including hosting companies. NAFPS/Al Carroll says "we are not hate we are anti-hate". The anti of hate is love, anti-hate is just hate.

C.C. said...

not only do they block people on their board so they can not reply to their accusations, they spam them on libel/slander/defamation complaint boards so they can not write further. For a group that advocates free speech, they certainly do not want to apply those same rights to others who disagree with them or their methods. I did find out what they are doing is illegal, not when it is confined to chatroom banter but because they publish names on the internet and label them frauds. They have no legal authority to do what they are doing. This is a letter of warning from a lawyer taken from their own board, "In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel, slander, and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image.
This was clearly an attempt to portray my client in a negative light and therefore under law is grounds for defamation.
Even if it were criticism as you call it then under the legal definition it would fall under destructive criticism and would still present us with an avenue for legal restitution as in law it amounts defamation.
Destructive criticism is intended to harm someone, derogate and destroy someone’s prestige, reputation and self-esteem on whatever level it might be. This may be done intentionally or out of sheer ignorance and foolishness. Hence the word destructive is used. In practical life destructive criticism may be disguised as constructive to be more painful while harming. Often destructive criticism comes from persons who are cruel and those who judge in fields which are not their own." However, unless you have the time and resources to go after them it is a long and expensive process. NAFPS is not a public service as they claim and it is not listed on any recognized or respected list of Native American Organizations. They are a small vigilante group only who got together on a yahoo board until it was shut down due to complaints against the group. Even my computer security program recommends I do not
click on their link.There are some members who use a number of handles to make it appear that there are more members posting on NAFPS then there actually are but it is always the same small group doing all the postings and they carefully manipulate conversations to put others in a bad light. After doing my own research, I found they made up information to look knowledgeable but the information they posted was blatantly false. No matter how much they try to appear legitimate, this group does not use ethical methods and should not be on the net.

C.C. said...
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C.C. said...
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Monica said...

I know Debbie Moran personally. That is the real name of Debbie Redbear. Her husband is Indian. She iss ironic she is on a site that outs faux Indians.

Monica J Charles

Yohiel Channel said...

NOTICE! NOTICE! Sign this petition to have Alton Carl Carroll investigated:

newagefraud said...

Alton Carroll's hate speech and sock-puppetry and not going unnoticed.

Al Carroll has been making a large volume of posts at over the past few years. He was calling himself a "top writer" at the site. banned Al Carroll in 2015. has removed their entry for Al Carroll at Northern Virginia Community College. They still have a listing for Al Carroll 'Professor at Arizona State University'. He has never been employed as a professor at ASU.

The faculty page for Al Carroll at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) is also down:

Due to complaints being forwarded to NOVA, Al Carroll is now aware of the petition.

Shaman'a JahRoot said...

This kind of harassment has got to stop! I cannot speak for anybody else but I am authentic.

I would venture to guess it's classic "witchhunt" - again!


Sri Devi Mulara said...

What a relief to find others posting the truth about this guy and his fake posts. He has posted shit about me, none of it true, because I outed corruption in my Australian aboriginal community & the corrupt ones contacted him to broadcast hate against me. They are still referring to his newagefraud site. Can't believe this bag of lies! Oh yes, I am authentic all right - why can't this stuff be shut down? I am in Australia with little power to do that. I encourage you to do what you can to have this guy's pursuits permanently terminated. Sri Devi Mulara

NaturallyWithKaren said...

Peace and blessings to you; I was a bit upset when I first found that I had been 'targeted' by this blaspheme and I have since 'let it go.' We must also consider that there is so much misinformation abundant today about those of us who are truly "ORIGINAL MEDICINE" and carry the elemental wisdom of The Ancestors.

People judge for many reasons, and some are how we look, what others are unfamiliar with and only familiar with "Alternative Medicine" of the Western Allopathic world.

Elders cannot be minimized and we must not react too strongly.

There are many who do not understand/ovastand that healing is: time and nature.

Restoring Nature, respecting Nature, and living *with* Nature is our answer and therein all will find the truth, the way and the life.

Sri Devi Mulara said...

Thank you for your response. I also had let it go, only to find it resurface again and again by the corrupt propaganda campaign where I am from in Australia. I am now planning to get a court order for google to take it down.

Blessings to all

Sri Devi Mulara
Indigenous Australian Elder

No more culture vultures said...

There are many that speak out against you and you try to sue them. You have lost 7 out of 7 court cases already. Why don't you have a sit down with the Adnymathanha people that say you are a fraud? Or the Anangu wati that are insulted by a woman wearing men's redband?
If your claim of legitimacy is genuine you should do it our way not by suing people white man's way.

Sri Devi Mulara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sri Devi Mulara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No more culture vultures said...

You know nothing about our peoples ways, have no connection to us.
No matter what you do you will never belong to any mob. Not Yura or Anangu

Unknown said...

Not Sharron sorry. Your websites, witchcraft and false claim is known far and wide with us mob.

Sri Devi Mulara said...

Hilarious! You expect anyone to take notice of an 'unknown'?

No more culture vultures said...

Again, you are not indigenous and will never be one of us. No one wants you in their country white mumu.

Sri Devi Mulara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No more culture vultures said...

Again not Sharron.
We have a culture, kinship and connection to country that you will never have. You are neither initiated, indigenous or accepted. Go tell the Anangu wadi that story, but you won't will you.
Self proclaimed elder and charlatan you belong to no one.

Sharon Meagher (nee Austin) said...

I am Sharon Meagher nee Austin, the eldest daughter of William and Vera Austin nee Coulthard. The elder female child of Wally and Jessie Coulthard nee McKenzie. It is my responsibility to speak for my family! I am not a nasty or jealous person and hundreds of thousands of people will tell you that. The only thing that I am obsessed with is protecting my cultural heritage from becoming the laugh of the world. If you are initiated then you are truly not an Adnyamathanha. The authority that I have on Adnyamathanha issues is the life I live and I have never and will never claim authority over matters of general indigneous - thats not the Yuras way. For the RECORD: I am not going to trial BUT I welcome that day with the greatest anticipation.

No more culture vultures said...

Do not claim to be Adnymathanha Sri Devi Mulara. No yura I know is part of an international cult of witchcraft. You bring shame to indigenous people claiming to be one, selling fake initiations to white hippies.
Whos your mother? Where did your teachings come from shame job!

Sharon Meagher (nee Austin) said...

Dear Sri Devi Mulara aka, aka - my mother - the first cousin of uncle Gordon - was a strong and active woman in the Adnyamathanha community and anyone including Wilfred, Reg, Carolyn, Enice, Charlie will tell you that! They will also tell you that I am indeed a living member of the Yura community in SA. These people will also tell you about our extended relationship. So.............please don't tell me to get a life - I have one its full of joy and love and a lot of sorrow right now - my mother died in December 2016 and six weeks later my baby sister died at 49 - so I have a full life.

Paul Levai said...

I know the Austin family and they are now and have always been strong, committed Adnymathanha. Good honest people loved by all. I have lived in Adnymathanha country, have many Adnymathanha friends and family, always have had.
I respect their word, ways, country and culture.

Sri Devi Mulara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Levai said...

Stand strong Sharon. Love Paul & Unna xx

Sharon Meagher (nee Austin) said...

Thank you Paul love to you and Unna and thank you for your support Sharonxxxx

Sharon Meagher (nee Austin) said...
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No more culture vultures said...

She infiltrated to gain access to grid 44 for her witchcraft. Her and the international fraud twirling rainbow mob do this across the world. She is no yura.

once a fraud always a fraud said...

Culture will always win

Nanschild, Sri Devi Mulara and Mulara Topez are all such insignificant beings

the truth will out

Good will triumph over evil

her and her white woman friend in America and their drum will not destroy culture, people are seeing through her now

Todd said...
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Todd said...

I googled you Sri and i can spot a con when I see it. I hope they take you to court and put you on 60 minutes

Dog said...

I don't believe much of what is published on Al Carrolls NAFPS website. It has a shady and sleazy history and I think the anonymous handles are from them.

Mulara’s family are from Afghani (outback camel drivers) and they are of Aboriginal descent. She was welcomed back to Adnyamathanha country by a revered elder in 2012. She was named ‘Mulara’ by indigenous grandmothers and given their teachings to guide people in her work throughout the world. Mulara was an NGO delegate to the Women’s United Nations Conference in Beijing. She has received many awards for her work, including an Australian Prime Minister’s Award of Merit.

Take your witch hunt somewhere else Al. No one is interested in your deceitful ways here.

C.C. said...

I am just going to give this warning to everyone. They know how to hack into computers, facebook accounts, my space accounts etc. It is not safe to go on their site for any reason whether you want to complain about someone or defend yourself from a complaint. Do not use your personal computer, your e-mail, passwords to go on this site. It is not safe for anyone. There is something else going on here.