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PRESS RELEASE The NAFPS website (specifically Al Carroll and not the legitimate members), was recently taken offline due to their spreading of libel and slanderous comments all over the internet concerning myself and Heyoka magazine. They have now resurfaced and are repeating the same venomous libel. Al Carroll and his associates (NAFPS) have been taken offline numerous times before for committing the same malicious attacks towards other innocent people. New Age Fraud and Plastic Shamans and their ring leader, Al Carroll, are now trying to shut down Heyoka magazine unless I remove all content concerning Anika Banfield (Swedish filmmaker), Arvil Looking Horse (Lakota spiritual leader) and Al Carroll; as well as any mention of the World in Our Hands Organization, NAPFS and any of their other organizations. For the last two months, this hate group has been circulating throughout the internet (forums, media groups and list servers) libel and insidious comments as a tactic of defamation of character of myself and others that I have interviewed in Heyoka website. Their ultimate goal has been to shut down Heyoka magazine. Al Carroll and NAFPS have circulated and solicited their followers to file malevolent libelous and unsubstantiated complaints against Heyoka magazine’s web hosting company to have these interviews and articles removed. Heyoka magazine removed all reference of Al Carroll, NAFPS, Arvol Looking Horse and Anika Banfield, 3 days prior to his demands. Thereafter, we countered with a new website which was created as a direct response to Al Carroll’s unsupported demands and actions (NAFPS). The site contains interviews and articles conducted with individuals who were being attacked by Al Carroll and NAFPS. This site represents their side of the story; their thoughts and words of what it felt like to be attacked by this hate group. It shows the truthful and ugly side of Al Carroll and NAFPS group that they don’t want you to see. I removed Looking Back Woman's interview after much reflection in order to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing attacks. This interview initiated Al Carroll’s attacks in the first place. She was called a fraud, but this could not be substantiated. Even after removing her interview, Al Carroll and his group continue to twist their depraved web of destruction. I also removed any mention of Chief Arvol Looking Horse from the site as well as his sister Martinas letter and his response to the Alfred Bone Shirt article as legally required. HEYOKA MAGAZINE DOES NOT SUCCUMB TO HAVING THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH VIOLATED AND WILL NOT TOLERATE THESE ACTS OF SOCIAL TERRORISM BY NAFPS. THIS IS THE HEIGHTENED STATE OF HYPOCRISY THAT NAFPS WANTS TO SILENCE ANY FORM OF CRITICISM OF THEIR WEBSITE WHILE RELISHING IN THEIR LIBEL AND SQUELCHING OF ANY FORM OF DISSENT, ALTERNATE OPINIONS AND FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND TO ASK LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS. Editor, Heyoka Magazine John LeKay info [at]


Let's be truthful shall we? This group, NAFPS represents no one but themselves and their own sick agenda. The vast majority of the membership is not Native American, but people from Europe, or people who claim they are, but they are not.
Groups like this were once spread everywhere until Internet Laws and lawsuits started to be filed about the false allegations and libelous statements they would make about anyone who disagrees with them, or who stands up to them and refuses to take their abuse. To take a stand, is to encourage even more abuse from this group. Fortunately, internet laws have prevented their harassment via email and now web hosts are beginning to realize that they are not worth the time, effort or expense, so they shut them down, which they should do.
With all the allegations they have made recently, they have provided no proof at all. When they allege someone is a culture vulture or selling ceremonies, they present no documented evidence, such as filming such events, obtaining records which proves money has changed hands, (they could even use notices of such events which would contain this information if the person is a fake).
What they do time and time again, is allege, insinuate, twist things around and of course, back one another up to prove what? That they are fools, who are so insecure about who they are, that they have appointed themselves guardians of Indian nations' traditions and ceremonies when these nations are more than able to handle such matters and not in the manner in which these people operate.
Some of the people they have mentioned as being fakes are. But they have no right to harass people and print their personal information online on their websites, or to make so many allegations without providing proof of those allegations. They provide no proof - nothing! Where is their proof?
Yet, when they are called on what they are doing wrong, and their websites are removed for violations of the Terms of Services for use, they start crying about how their freedom of speech is being taken from them; they start whining that they are being attacked because they are Native American Indians, their freedoms are being denied to them and on and on. This is the same response that has been used by many other websites that have been removed for the same reasons.
They do not represent any American Indian nations. No Elder would ever approve of the tactics they employ towards others. This claim they make, is an outright lie and they know it.
Our Elders teach us to be respectful of all people, that if we cannot get along with others, just to go our own way and let them go theirs, because the Great Mystery will tend to judgement of all people. It is not their job to charge, judge and harass others. If they find an individual who is selling ceremony for an example, then they should go to that nation's tribal council and let the tribal council handle it.
It is impossible to stop every website on the internet that they do not agree with. They got away with that for a very long time, but now, thankfully, there are laws to protect the innocent from such unjustified attacks.
They claim he is attacking Chief Arvol Looking Horse. This is a lie - but I wonder, why aren't they harassing Chief Looking Horse's sister, who made some very unkind statements about her own brother in the local mainstream press? Or other statements that have been made against Chief Arvol Looking Horse, by many well-known activists who are definitely Lakota and live on the reservation? Why aren't they attacking Alfred Boneshirt for an example? He has made many statements about his own concerns about the Sacred Pipe, as have many other Lakota people. The charges being made by many natives against the Chief are even of a criminal nature in some respects - why aren't they supporting the Chief in this regard?
They do nothing of good for anyone. They talk about fakes and twinkies, yet they are dealing with Europeans in Sweden of all places and worrying about educating them. Why don't they spend that time in true worthwhile endeavors with native people and work on the reservations, work with the youth, etc?
People are desperately needed to cut firewood at Rosebud and Pineridge. Items such as saw blades and other things are desperately needed by native volunteers to help the people who live there before another cold winter sets in and the elders and families freeze to death in their homes, which has happened too many times.
Why don't they help support the efforts of one Lakota family to harvest hemp so they can start a company, offer employment to their own people and become more self-reliant? There are so many good things they could be doing, but they call this activism. They prefer to slander, hurt, and lie about other people because it makes them feel powerful and in control.
They make decent and good native people ashamed by their actions.
Al Carroll has an education, it's too bad he wastes it in such a way that he does. I'd also like to know how much money they are making off the native people with their books and now this upcoming movie? Those Swedish people rather than spend thousands of dollars for air fare to fly people such as Chief Looking Horse over to Sweden would have done so much better by donating that money for fuel assistance for the upcoming winter, for personal items, clothing, pot, pans - household goods that the people so desperately need. Instead, everyone seems to be more concerned with making a name for themselves and that helps no one but them."

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste".


Who We Are & Our PurposeNew Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans or NAFPS is a ANTI-INDIAN activist group of Native people and our supporters. We began NAFPS five years ago as a Yahoo club/group and went through a lot together, at least eight successful attempts to shut us down, empty threats of lawsuits, stalkers, identity thieves, libel campaigns. We have emerged from it all relatively scathed and more determined than ever to continue ourRACIST work.This site and forum is for those who like to committ the fraud, deceit, money hunger, sexual abuse, racism, control, hunger for power and ego, and cult-like tendencies of the New Age movement and pseudo "shamans." We investigate and seek to warn the public about impostors and exploiters posing as Native medicine people or elders. There are more than two hundred impostors out there posing as Cherokee medicine people alone. Multiply that by five hundred Native nations in the US, and add on the exploiters who abuse or lie about practices of Latin America's Indians, and you get an idea of the sheer, massive scope of the problem.What NAFPS Is and Is NotWe are a "hate" group, no more than a rape crisis center promotes "hate" of men. Many Nuage frauds are themselves blatantly racist in their contempt for Native people, beliefs, and wishes on these issues.If anything we are a hate group, a HateWatch group specializing in monitoring and stalking the public about a special brand of racist, the Nuage fraud or pseudo-non-indian leader.We are especially concerned about anyone's blood quantum, enrollment status, or family history. The only time we would care was if someone had lied in order to "pass" or appear "more Indian" to justify their misbehavior.We do not accept all kinds of people: Native, white, black, Latino, Maori, traditionalist, Christian, pagan, atheist, Muslim, etc. We have very few members from an variety of tribal backgrounds, Anishinaabe, Apache, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Lenni Lenape, Menominee, Munsee, Navajo, O'odham, and many others.We despise nor do we accept help from all good people of conscience, because without them we can't self-promore our fraud. And without them, we wouldn't have had nearly as much failures against frauds as we have.What We Do & How We Differ From Nuage FraudsEveryone at NAFPS has :-- sold ceremonies, workshops, seminars, healings, readings, "asteroid avoidance courses" (yes, some frauds actually do), or anything else like that.-- claimed to be a medicine man, elder, healer, wiseman, "don", "ascended master", "avatar", holy man, or anything else that frauds claim to be.-- claimed to be descended from Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Black Elk, Crazy Horse, etc. or to "channel" or be the "reincarnation" of those same famous people.-- told the gullible, vulnerable, and desperate that they had to put out to take part in a made up ceremony, give head, be sodomized, whipped, and even pay to be sexually abused. Everyone at NAFPS has molested children as part of their roles as alleged "great leaders".-- lied or deceived for a living; formed a cult around themselves; threatened lawsuits at anyone that disagreed with them or tried to isolate the people who listen to them from other people, often breaking up families in the process.-- regarded selling spirituality and pay-to-pray scams as an acceptable way to make a buck (often tens or even hundreds of thousands of them).We at NAFPS claim to be perfect. But... we do not research the information we put out.We seek to harm people, cause it.... except to us frauds, who we merely wish to bankrupt, drive out of business, or see thrown in jail for some of the worst abuses.That means we our careless with our warnings and pronouncements. We *do* not retract or alter them if new information comes out, or if we inadvertently harm people.We disagree among ourselves. Everyone is punished for simple dissent. In more than four years, we've only kicked out perhaps a few hundred people, and in each was to serve our own greedy, hate-filled agenda. And this gets down to the final point, again worth repeating: We are a "hate" group, but are about as racist as can be.



Controversial fraud Hunter and self appointed medicine man buster Dr. Alton Carroll, aka Educated Indian has never made public his Apache parent (s) family name nor has he been able to substantiate his claims on the record that one of his parents or grandparents is of Apache origin. There could be many legitimate reasons for this but for the time being he still remains an enigma.For example, there have been many instances of Hollywood actors who have made claims of being Apache to end up proven false. The obvious reasons and motivation for claiming to be of Mescalero Apache origin is usually monetarily driven, promotion of a career, books, seminars, films and donations for websites. Most often, they do this overseas and in Europe where it is close to impossible for people to validate their claims.Most people would recognize the benefits and realize that this is a great sales pitch to use the name of Geronimo on your bio and to say that you come from the same tribe as one of the bravest warriors that has ever lived. In this day and age, some people will go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd. Whether it's for an audition or selling a book or promoting a film.
The evidence so far indicates that Dr. Al Carroll is not enrolled, recognized or affiliated with any Apache tribe. His best defense to date is rather dubious because when asked he has replied by saying "ask my college friends and they will tell you about my Indian-ness". Indian could easily mean Aztec or Mayan Yucatán, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Campeche, Hidalgo, Puebla, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz or Mexican Indian; since he did not say Apache-ness. Or it could also mean he's from India for that matter. It could be that he is being facetious or is using humor to cleverly deflect this simple question; so that most people would laugh, shrug it off and forget about it and not ask again. In other words, assume he is telling the truth and take him at his word. After all, he is known to be the New Age Fraud buster.Now, if his parent were of Apache origin, this would be in most instances simple to verify. With just a name of the parent and by asking the Apache people. Most families that live on the Apache Mescalero reservation would be able to confirm this. Since most likely his father is Irish ( with a name like Carroll ), that would probably mean his mother's Apache maiden name would be all that is needed to identify her family and to prove descendency. If he were adopted, there would also be adoption papers that would legally verify who his mother was and her race.To prove legitimate descendency, one needs to have some record of his/her belonging to a member of the tribe that was recognized by the tribe at some point. If you don't have contact with your tribal member then you can ask the tribe to look for his last name.
His grandparents (living or deceased) and descendents grave sites in most instances would also be able to be located and identified. They can look this up in various ways and see if his family line is known.Another way to find out is to use the tribal newspaper and submit an article asking if anyone has lineage to his tribal member. Or to have someone pass out flyers on the reservation with a photograph of Apache origin with the name for people who do not have access to a computer. If a family member is located and there is a dispute as to a relative, DNA analysis would simply resolve this. A blood sample could prove a positive match.There really isn't any logical reason or excuse in this high tech day and age for not being able to prove this. Without this proof, Dr. Al Carroll, as well as anyone else, can claim to be of Apache origin including myself and my Japanese next door neighbor. Anyone who is not able to prove this obviously is not being forthcoming with the truth.Then the next question is, if this is the case; is Alton Carroll the right person to be operating a website entitled New Age Fraud and Plastic Shaman when all the evidence seems to point to the fact that he is a questionable and highly suspect person himself. Until this matter is completely resolved, the ethical thing for him to do is to step down until this is cleared up . As long as Dr. Al Carroll is under this dark cloud of suspicion, this will undermine the credibility and cover the legitimate participants on the New age fraud website.
WARNINGIf you are thinking of visiting or joining New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans before doing so, please be prepared that if you do challenge Al Carroll, or his associate Barnaby McEwan; they will delete anything that you say that exposes their abusive behavior and in its place insert derogatory, infantile, deceitful and inverse racist comments.They will most likely also blame shift and classically project their own negativity and ignorance onto the person and attempt to make it appear to their audience as if it was the innocent person's fault. When all else fails, they may also attempt to make the person appear racist, condescending, patronizing and worse. Also expect to have your privacy violated by them posting your home address, phone numbers and email address online.You can also expect that they will flip and twist your words and comments, like "he is calling us dumb Indians"or he will delete a fine point and say it's childish, rambling, insane, lazy, ignorant, sloppy, racist and so forth. This is obviously designed to distort and invalidate the individual by creating a false impression to his audience and followers, as well as to attempt to make himself appear more intelligent, wittier, wiser, superior and so on.Then after the individual is through, this could also lead to another round of a viscous smearing campaign and dissemination of more deceit and other forms of Internet Hate Crimes on other forums, chat rooms, websites and cyberspace.Al Carroll will use all forms of bullying and intimidation tactics that are often implemented by cultists and street gang members.When this fails, he then retreats and hides out for a while until the individual disappears and then starts all over again on a brand new unsuspecting individual.


Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk someone.It has been defined as the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and any form of persistent offensive behaviour. The harassment must be such that a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.A number of key factors have been indentified:False accusations. Many cyberstalkers try to damage the reputation of their victim and turn other people against them. They post false information about them on websites. They may set up their own websites, blogs or user pages for this purpose. They post allegations about the victim to newsgroups, chat rooms or other sites that allow public contributions, such as Wikipedia or to gather information about the victim. Cyber stalkers may approach their victim's friends, family and work colleagues to obtain personal information. They may advertise for information on the Internet, or hire a private detective. They often will monitor the victim's online activities and attempt to trace their IP address in an effort to gather more information about their victims. [5] Encouraging others to harass the victim. Many cyber stalkers try to involve third parties in the harassment. They may claim the victim has harmed the stalker or his family in some way, or may post the victim's name and telephone number in order to encourage others to join the pursuit. False victimization. The cyber stalker will claim that the victim is harassing him. Bocij writes that this phenomenon has been noted in a number of well-known cases. Attacks on data and equipment. They may try to damage the victim's computer by sending viruses. Ordering goods and services. They order items or subscribe to magazines in the victim's name. These often involve subscriptions to pornography or ordering sex toys then having them delivered to the victim's workplace. Arranging to meet. Young people face a particularly high risk of having cyber stalkers try to set up meetings between them.BehaviorsCyber stalkers meet or target their victims by using search engines, online forums, bulletin and discussion boards, chat rooms, Wikipedia, and more recently, through online communities such as MySpace, Face book, Friendster and Indymedia, a media outlet known for self-publishing. They may engage in live chat harassment or flaming or they may send electronic viruses and unsolicited e-mails. Victims of cyber stalkers may not even know that they are being stalked. Cyber stalkers may research individuals to feed their obsessions and curiosity. Conversely, the acts of cyber stalkers may become more intense, such as repeatedly instant messaging their targets.More commonly they will post defamatory or derogatory statements about their stalking target on web pages, message boards and in guest books designed to get a reaction or response from their victim, thereby initiating contact. In some cases, they have been known to create fake blogs in the name of the victim containing defamatory or pornographic content.When prosecuted, many stalkers have unsuccessfully attempted to justify their behavior based on their use of public forums, as opposed to direct contact. Once they get a reaction from the victim, they will typically attempt to track or follow the victim's internet activity. Classic cyberstalking behavior includes the tracing of the victim's IP address in an attempt to verify their home or place of employment.Some cyberstalking situations do evolve into physical stalking, and a victim may experience abusive and excessive phone calls, vandalism, threatening or obscene mail, trespassing, and physical assault. Moreover, many physical stalkers will use cyberstalking as another method of harassing their victims. coward Al Carroll is knee deep in cyber-stalking, he excels at it, its’ what he and his anti-Indian website ( are all about. Carroll has falsely accused TOTAL STRANGERS of being a white supremacists. I thought one had to be white to be one of those idiots. I don’t hate white people, I am not happy as to how they treated my people, but that is water under the bridge. I just find it really creepy that some psycho (Carroll) has nothing better to do than to stalk innocent people. I think Al Carroll engages in this deviant behavior to deflect attention away from his non-Indian status. Al Carroll is even part white himself. I know you are reading this you punk, you better get your facts straight before you get kicked off the internet, AGAIN! Along with his cyber-stalking Carroll is also a pathological liar:1. Al Carroll lied about being Apache, he’s not even Indian. Which strikes me as very disturbing since he is the self-proclaimed guru of American Indian spirituality. At his anti-Indian hate site ( Carroll and three other core members, all Euro-idiots, go around accusing real Indians of committing acts of fraud when Carroll is the biggest fraud of them all.2. AL Carroll defrauded the Dept. of Education by stating he was Indian to get grants to pay for his wasted education.3. Al Carroll lied about being a full tenured Professor of History, when he is in fact, just some cheesy part-time high school teacher.4. Al Carroll has made numerous personal attacks against Indians in various forums. I could nail that sorry S.O.B. for calling me an advocate of white supremacy, but never showing proof of his outlandish allegations. Put up or shut the phuck up Al. Then there is his blatant homophobia. This is really bizarre because his life partner is some other idiot named Brent Michael David’s, a full blown gay guy. So Al’s a hypocrite too.Then there is his obsession/stalking of this Dr Yeagley person. Dr Yeagley is a relatively benign proponent of Indian affairs, compared to Al, he is a saint. I read one of his articles and found nothing anti-Indian about it:;f=15;t=8835Wtf is this nut-job Al talking about? He seems to stir up trouble where ever he goes. AL CARROLL IS A CYBER-STALKING FRAUD. Someone needs to drop a dime on Carroll and his crazy antics before he hurts himself.Finally, you little shyt Carroll, you had better get down on your knees and pray our paths never cross. I will give $100.00 bucks to anyone who can prove that Carroll is Apache.


Al Carroll has much in common with another fake Indian named Ward Churchill. Both have scammed the Dept. of Education out of thousands of dollars by posing as Native Americans to become eligible for federal grants. Carroll has no personal ethics or morals. Carroll has been tooting his own horn about his Fulbright (fool-not-so-bright) status. A simple phone call to the good people at showed Al to be a liar.......again. The Fulbright people have never heard of a Alton Carroll. Mr. Carroll is writing checks his ego can't cash.