Friday, July 4, 2008


Who We Are & Our PurposeNew Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans or NAFPS is a ANTI-INDIAN activist group of Native people and our supporters. We began NAFPS five years ago as a Yahoo club/group and went through a lot together, at least eight successful attempts to shut us down, empty threats of lawsuits, stalkers, identity thieves, libel campaigns. We have emerged from it all relatively scathed and more determined than ever to continue ourRACIST work.This site and forum is for those who like to committ the fraud, deceit, money hunger, sexual abuse, racism, control, hunger for power and ego, and cult-like tendencies of the New Age movement and pseudo "shamans." We investigate and seek to warn the public about impostors and exploiters posing as Native medicine people or elders. There are more than two hundred impostors out there posing as Cherokee medicine people alone. Multiply that by five hundred Native nations in the US, and add on the exploiters who abuse or lie about practices of Latin America's Indians, and you get an idea of the sheer, massive scope of the problem.What NAFPS Is and Is NotWe are a "hate" group, no more than a rape crisis center promotes "hate" of men. Many Nuage frauds are themselves blatantly racist in their contempt for Native people, beliefs, and wishes on these issues.If anything we are a hate group, a HateWatch group specializing in monitoring and stalking the public about a special brand of racist, the Nuage fraud or pseudo-non-indian leader.We are especially concerned about anyone's blood quantum, enrollment status, or family history. The only time we would care was if someone had lied in order to "pass" or appear "more Indian" to justify their misbehavior.We do not accept all kinds of people: Native, white, black, Latino, Maori, traditionalist, Christian, pagan, atheist, Muslim, etc. We have very few members from an variety of tribal backgrounds, Anishinaabe, Apache, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Lenni Lenape, Menominee, Munsee, Navajo, O'odham, and many others.We despise nor do we accept help from all good people of conscience, because without them we can't self-promore our fraud. And without them, we wouldn't have had nearly as much failures against frauds as we have.What We Do & How We Differ From Nuage FraudsEveryone at NAFPS has :-- sold ceremonies, workshops, seminars, healings, readings, "asteroid avoidance courses" (yes, some frauds actually do), or anything else like that.-- claimed to be a medicine man, elder, healer, wiseman, "don", "ascended master", "avatar", holy man, or anything else that frauds claim to be.-- claimed to be descended from Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Black Elk, Crazy Horse, etc. or to "channel" or be the "reincarnation" of those same famous people.-- told the gullible, vulnerable, and desperate that they had to put out to take part in a made up ceremony, give head, be sodomized, whipped, and even pay to be sexually abused. Everyone at NAFPS has molested children as part of their roles as alleged "great leaders".-- lied or deceived for a living; formed a cult around themselves; threatened lawsuits at anyone that disagreed with them or tried to isolate the people who listen to them from other people, often breaking up families in the process.-- regarded selling spirituality and pay-to-pray scams as an acceptable way to make a buck (often tens or even hundreds of thousands of them).We at NAFPS claim to be perfect. But... we do not research the information we put out.We seek to harm people, cause it.... except to us frauds, who we merely wish to bankrupt, drive out of business, or see thrown in jail for some of the worst abuses.That means we our careless with our warnings and pronouncements. We *do* not retract or alter them if new information comes out, or if we inadvertently harm people.We disagree among ourselves. Everyone is punished for simple dissent. In more than four years, we've only kicked out perhaps a few hundred people, and in each was to serve our own greedy, hate-filled agenda. And this gets down to the final point, again worth repeating: We are a "hate" group, but are about as racist as can be.


TruNprth said...

Al Carroll is a phony. He is what he claims to "defend" Indian people from, frauds and exploiters.
While he claims to oppose racism its very much alive in nafps. I joined the group to post about the black Indian cults and phony tribes. When I posted about the Cherokee Freedmen in support of their cause I first got racist PMs from white Cherokee racists. One included an article from a white group about black on black violence as a reason to expel the Freedmen from the CNO. What do urban ghetto gangs have to do with the Freedmen, not a damned thing! This racist shit sounded like it was written by David Duke. I tried to counter with an article on lynching blacks in Indian Territory. Al banned me for being racist! He claimed that the Oklahoma Historical Society was racist and that no Indians were racists! Al, if you had slaves, lynched them, raped them, then segregated their descendants, then took their citizenship race might be the reason, and you might be a racist. What an ass, is this what he teaches?I find that non Indians trying on a mission to prove they ARE Indians like Al have to be super Indians. This a group of white people on a mission to save Indians from themselves.
Has anyone contacted his dean to let him know who he really is.I can't believe that he could have gotten a Fulbright by passing for an Apache, he probably claimed to be a Mexican.

Anonymous said...

we need to do something to finally get this guy off of internet completely, he has listed me twice, and will NEVER speak to me in person

FrankFarmer said...

Al is one of those wannabees who believes that he a Mexican is superior to Indians, and white and black people. I can always tell who the internet phony Indians are because they try to out Indian, real Indians. None of the frequent posters are Indian, in fact someone who is a professional phony Indian, was critical a a women in my FB who used the word "fire" claiming that the English word "fire" was sacrireligious to people who believed that "fire" was a scared word. Please when you house is burning down do you call the people in charge of putting out "really hit stuff". Being a mixed blood, who refuses to identify with any of these people, because I believe if you're not part of the community, than regardless of your blood, you're not Indian. I have Indian blood, BUT I'm not Indian regardless of how exotic or romantic it may be. Al and his band of witches and warlocks and left over burnt out hippies have nothing to o with Indians, and in fact, they're an insult. Would black people accept a bunch of white people trying to act black, and even claiming to be black? Why the hell should Indians?

John O'Brien said...

These people either have hardcore personal issues or some kind of an agenda. They’re not only at NAFPS but operate and infiltrate other internet sites as well. I’ve encountered some on internet forums who although have either a minuet bit of Indian blood, or none at all, but feel they can speak for all tribes and their people. Call them on their BS and they go into the ‘poor little me’ victim mode and report you to the moderators, or call in their goon squads and sock puppet accounts to troll and harass real Indians. I’ve encountered this ‘Dr. Carroll,’ ‘Sky’ and ‘Kathryn’/Kathrine/Kathy/Kate on a good several other forums under just as many names besides what are used at NAFPS. They use proxy servers and have multiple accounts on these forums. Some have even schmoozed up to administrators and received moderator positions at these sites so as to swiftly dispatch any Indians who dare to speak out against their agenda. Could it be they are getting paid by some agency, corporation, religious group or maybe by the real new age fraudsters themselves. Before I even knew of NAFPS they were trolling me on other forums. On NAFPS these non-Indians claim to be ‘allies’ of the American Indians, but it takes more than a sock puppet fake Lakota or Cherokee affirming friendship with these devils to prove alliance.

Bill Armstrong said... moved their site to an anonymous offshore hosting provider. Cyber Cast International in Panama. They had been shutdown too many time on US hosting providers.

Al Carroll is teaching at NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) these days. His History 101 class is an easy A if you accept his opinions as fact.

Bill Ackerman said...

What John O'Brien says is true. Alton Carl Carroll Jr AKA Al Carroll AKA educatedindian, etc.. and Kathryn Price AKA Kathryn Nicdhana, etc are well known for their sock puppetry and use of proxy servers to agree with themselves and harass people.

But people should form their own opinions. Take a look at the sites new age frauds and plastic shaman (NAFPS) lists that supposedly use them as a resource. You will find that the vast majority do not exist and the ones that do, do not mention NAFPS anywhere on their site.

Alton Carroll's last job was an adjunct at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). Apparently they have very low academic standards. However, he is no longer listed on their website as a faculty member.

Al Carroll does not seem to last long at any of the education jobs he has had. Has he lost yet another one?

Anonymous said...

The NAFPS site and domain name are paid for by Alton Carroll.

The site itself is administered by four individuals. Al 'educatedindian' Carroll of VA, Kathryn 'yells at pretendians' Price of MA, Christine 'omgsrsly?' Davis of MA, and Deborah 'debbieredbear' Moran of WA.

Kathryn Price also goes by Kathryn Nicdhana, Kathryn Shea, and Kathryn Theatana.

Christine Sonya Davis, was born Christine Weed and also goes by Sky Davis and Christine Sparks.

Lynn 'moma_porcupine' Manning of NV is another frequent poster at NAFPS but is not an administrator. She also goes by the alias 'brings light'.