Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It has long been known that the perverted pedophile aka Al Carroll was under investigation as an undergrad at ASU for charges of coercing two Asian exchange students into attempting to have sexual intercourse with him and a buddy of his. Rape, Al Carroll committed rape while at ASU. It is also reported by very reliable sources that Carroll threatened to have the two Asian females students deported if they did not capitulate.

Al Carroll has already shown what kind of deviant sexual predator he is on his stupid NAFPS website. We are trying to get into touch with the victims of Carroll's brutal sexual attacks but they are too frightened to come forward. That fucking creep/rapist Al Carroll really traumatized them. Who knows how many students this ugly SOB has tried to cajole into having under age sex with Carroll who is in his 50's. Al Carroll should not be allowed to teach until these rape allegations have been fully investigated.