Saturday, September 27, 2008


We are currently seeking litigation to have this fraud Al Carroll taken off the Fulbright list which he defrauded by falsley stating he is Apache. Al Carroll has yet to ante up any evidence that he is in fact Native American at all. The Fulbright people have been put on notice as to Carroll's fraudulent and criminal activities.

It has been reported that Mr. Carroll has traveled to Indonesia to pursue his well-known pedophilia. The Govt. of Indonesia has been warned of Carroll's perverse sexual crimes against the children who he is molesting under the guise of a sick teacher/student relationship.

We will have more to report on the pedophile Al Carroll in the near future.


Tula said...

Demand the Internet records of:

Hate Groups:

Dr. Al Carroll
Educated Indian
Barnaby McEwan
Momo Porupine
Michael Davids

John O'Brien said...

Be wary of Village of the First Nations and Religious forums where Dr. Al's Sidekick Kathryn goes by the name of Teresa and Painted Wolf.

Alex Bruce said...

Attention: Alton Carroll or Al Carroll aka "educatedindian" and the website (NAFPS) is a fraudulent website of self appointed fraud hunters in reality they are the frauds. He is not an Apache Indian like he claimed in the past. He now states he is not an enrolled Apache because he got caught in his lies but still claim he is an Apache. In reality, his background is Spanish and Irish. He is a clever person to fool people with his lies claiming to expose frauds. After a lot of research, he is a jihadist that was radicalized in Indonesia back in the 90's. The Islamic nation is very afraid of the Native American spirituality because it is so strong. He was sent back to America to cause harms to the Native people. He and his group are trying to disrupt the balance of the Native spirituality. Most of his group is unaware of his ties to Islam. Somehow he fooled the IRS in giving him that status of non profit. ONLY A MEDICINE PERSON APPOINTED BY THE TRIBAL PRESIDENT CAN SAY WHO IS A FRAUD. If you read through his website, you will discover that he does not know nothing about native spirituality. He keeps changing the post as he learns more. He deletes any topic that is not to his way of thinking. All of his knowledge comes from books. He even fooled the Northern Virginia Community College where he currently works. His applications to the major universities were denied. He has written a book from other's people work. Native People magazine found out about his fraud activities and banned him. Even Amazon has refused to list it. If a person wanted to find a fraud all you would have to do is search for ceremony and donation. This will give you a list of frauds. A medicine person does not charge for ceremony. When someone sends NAFPS a letter about a person being a fraud, he post it without researching it. A lot of the emails they received on the website is from people who was told to find another spiritual path by the medicine person or they fell in love with the medicine person and was rejected by them. The people feelings were upset and they want to hurt the medicine person. The frauds will pay him money to take them off their website or take him to court. A lot of the people listed there are poor Indians living without the funds to take him to court. We are asking people with the funds to shut down his fraudulent website and to contact the IRS about his fraudulent activities. He receives a lot of money from his website and his lectures. Help is needed to stop this Jihadist activity against the Native American spirituality.

Bill Ackerman said...

Beware any site that feels the need to have a disclaimer stating "we are not a hate site".

The fact that frauds exist does not justify the new age fraud and plastic shaman (NAFPS) site. What Alex Bruce is saying about the actions of people on their forum is true. They post people's names with little or no research, any research they do is simply Internet searches, and many of the people they attack do not have the resources to fight them in court. However, there is at least one active slander / libel suit against Al Carroll in Oklahoma court.

Kathryn Price AKA Kathryn Nicdhana has many aliases and is one NAFPS member who engages in sock puppetry and use of proxy servers to agree with herself and post to several forums.

There are many accounts of people who have posted on the NAFPS forum who have had their posts deleted and altered. There are many accounts of people who have become the target of cyber-stalking and hate campaigns after posting on the site.

One thing Alex Bruce says is not quite accurate. He says Amazon refused to list Al Carroll's book. Actually they listed it and then took it down to complaints of plagiarism.