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Dr. Al Carroll to visit Uk, mainland Europe in May 2006
Last year Dr. Al Carroll gave several very well received talks here in the UK. Dr. Carroll is a historian teaching at St. Phillip's College in San Antonio, Texas. He is a Mescalero Apache mixed-blood and will be visiting the UK again later this year on his way to mainland Europe. He is expected to be in this country for around three days in May and hopes to be able to give one or two presentations.
It's hard to find good sources of information about Native American spirituality: books and the Internet may not always be reliable. Dr Carroll will speak about the history and traditions of Native American cultures and especially about his own Apache people.
If anyone could help with arrangements, finding venues, publicity, etc. we'd like to hear from you.
Take a look at
Dr.Al Carroll July 2005 European Tourand Newage Fraud for more background.
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